Rahmafatin Nurul

Data scientist & Back-end Developer


What I am all about.

I'm Rahmafatin, Backend web developer and Data science enthusiasts. Able to make backend RESTful API using Laravel, build full web using Yii2 and MVC architecture. Work with version control system such as Git and GitHub in order to work collaboratively. Able to perform data cleaning and make model with best approachment based on data.

PHP 88%
Python 85%
R programming 70%
Mathematic 93%
Statistic 82%


Self project


Simple ecommerce using bootstrap and HTML

Dashboard tableau

Indonesian Covid-19 dashboard using tableau and agregating every worksheet


Build backend of TodoList aplication using Laravel 8 and RESTful API

Automatic Teller Machine

Simple Automatic Teller Machine using Java netbeans. Build GUI using jFram

Aplikasi Pengambilan Keputusan Beresiko

Web sederhana pengambilan keputusan beresiku

WhatsApp Chat Analysis

WhatsApp chat analysis using python and Jupyter Notebook

Machine Learning Classification Algorithm

Implementing simple classification algorithm of machine learning using java

Machine learning k-nearest neighbor algorithm

Implementing simple k-nearest neighbor algorithm of machine learning using java